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                             The Value of Life



            Today I got out of the shower and I heard the tragic news about a good man who just lost his father due to an accident in his home. A very good friend relayed the news to me and I started thinking about my great grandmother Elena who two years ago passed away due to a rotten intestine. This is a story about a moment in my life that is pretty, but made me value life and how short life really is.

            It was about fifteen years ago in Brooklyn New York. My father didn’t know how to cook so every day he would drive my brothers and I to our great grandmother’s apartment in the Marlboro Projects. I always enjoy going there because it was simple. She would always cook for us and always said something funny to keep us smiling. When my brothers and I finished eating we would play spades with my aunt Pinky.  One day while we were playing spades, my grandmother walked into the living room and she decided to start dancing.  There was no music playing and we all wondered what she was doing randomly dancing. All of a sudden she did something that I never thought she would ever do. She flashed me her boobs. She didn’t know it, but they were the first pair of boobs I have ever seen. What was my reaction to seeing my first pair of boobs? I blushed and was a little ashamed that my first pair of boobs I have ever seen were of my great grandmother. My aunt yelled at her for that, but had a good laugh at my facial reaction. I left that night wondering why she did that. That is an answer I never got and I am glad in a way I never knew.

             As I’m typing this blog fifteen years later I feel that people don’t realize that life is very short. We as people should take all things in value no matter how good or bad it may seem. A flash of my great grandmother boobs will never leave my mind and I do value that because it gives me one of many great memories I have of her. Please enjoy life my fellow man or woman who is reading this because you never know when you time is up.



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