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My Biography


       My name is Christopher, but the world knows me as Spanish and right

now I’m a pizza delivery guy. It is not the greatest job in the world, but it gets

me by for now. I’m a man who likes the simple things in life like thinking,

writing and masturbating. I’m also a big supporter of porn, alcohol and the

weed. The things I hate are stupid people, liars, and pop music. I’m not

religious nor do I vote because I feel my vote is shit and we as Americans will

still bitch no matter who is elected.  

      I will use this site to write about my random feelings about the world

through my eyes. It’s a whacky mind I have so expect my blogs to be very over

the top, but at the same time knowledgeable and unique.  This is a very small

portion of me and as you read my blogs you will understand me a lot more as I

expose myself and I will only do so on coozandthegang.com


Works from Spanish

The Art of An Insult

 The Random Story

 The Value of Life

The Night I Became A Man

A Night Out With Spanish





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