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                       DIY - Torrents of Trash

I'm a huge fan of the Do It Yourself network and I love to take on projects around the house. Being that it’s summer, it is time to tackle to the backyard. We’ve come to the realization that the creek in the backyard is slowly becoming a landfill. It is continually filling with garbage because people make the common mistake of confusing the stream with a dumpster. When it rains, the creek floods and creates a wave of trash, mostly consisting of Four Loko cans that wind up on my lawn (As depicted below). 






Dear DIY Network,

                My wife and I are the proud owners of a cozy household in Staten Island, New York. It includes a spacious backyard; which is an immense advantage for when we want to entertain guests. The garden quarter has a delightfully flowing natural creek that drifts charmingly throughout the width of the yard. Sitting above a portion of the creek is a weathered, but fully functioning shed that resembles the house itself. It truly could be a backyard of unimaginable possibilities, however lately there have been some minor happenings that would deter any steadfast DIYer.

                The viaduct that the creek streams from is a rather secluded area where the neighboring adolescents habitually litter the water with the vestiges of their gatherings. Their relentless dumping has caused a blockage in the stream which generally results in a tsunami of debris in my garden quarter. Every time I venture to water my Chrysanthemums, I’m typically greeted by a random assortment of plastic bottles, cigarette boxes, and a ton these perplexing miniature plastic bags.

                The unexpected wall of trash that now exists in the creek has caused sudden flash floods of trash during thunderstorms. It has also become evident that these flash floods are beginning to erode the ground underneath my shed. I fear that one day, after a spell of grueling yard work that the shed is going to collapse into the creek, burying me alive in a coffin filled of gardening tools and charcoal briquettes.

                Please save us from the impending disaster that is our backyard.





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